Making Instagoo, mk.1

Instagoo is a DIY bed adhesive now available on

gallon bags of PVP-K30 and PVA

This amounts to a 70:30 ratio of PVP to PVA in solution, or 21g of PVP-K30 and 9g of PVA for 400ml of 50% Isopropyl. The actual dilution is up to you, this recipe is for a concentrated solution.

PVA is highly soluble in water, so I mixed 9g of PVA in 200ml distilled water. I heated this on my print bed to 70c, and over about an hour it fully dissolved easily.

PVP-K30 is readibly soluble in alcohol or water, but I already dissolved the PVA in water, so I mixed 21g of PVP in 200ml of 99% Isopropyl alcohol. Gentle swirling and stirring and the PVP basically dissolved on it's own.

bottles of instagoo on the print bed of Voron V2.1112

Combine the solutions, stir well, and portion into small bottles for use. I used some cheap needle-tip precision applicator PET bottles for my mix, although the labels that came with that set don't stick to the bottles at all. A little packing tape fixed that.

If you wanna confuse the chemists, add a little bit of dye to give it a nice color, and don't tell them. Laugh as they start wildly postulating on what could be contaminating your solution

For the lazy

Just ignore everything above. Combine everything, mix with 50% isopropyl alcohol, and shake until its dissolved.

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I'm @kageurufu#9003 on the Voron Design discord.

Thanks to

@Mahi#8846 - developing and originally sharing the recipe on the Annex Engineering discord
@lastone#0874 for testing the formula. Check out his store NorthPrint3D
@instazx2#7844 for testing the formula, and bringing it to my attention
@toynbeeTILES#0214 for chemistry consultation and correcting my mistakes due to a lack of proper (any) formal chemistry education